Appreciate These People


So there’s a lot of negative stuff happening around me right now

And as a result I’m gonna plug some of my favorite people in the Bioware fandoms right now! If I miss you it’s not that I don’t appreciate your involvement but it’s because I don’t know you all that well. These are just the people that are coming to mind.


  • We all know how I feel about lewn-atic​! She’s my best friend on the internet and in college, and I wouldn’t be nearly as creative as I am without her working with me! I love you man. <3
  • I’ve been very close to elissa-alenko​ lately! She brightens up my day and sends me snapchats and talks to me about stuff when I need her and makes me smile. I love seeing the little things she writes when she writes them! She’s cool and you should all follow her. <3
  • flockofflamingos is really awesome too. She does really awesome art and has really cool PCs and a beautiful face. Her opinions and mine coincide a lot so I see her reblogging even my most controversial of posts and it brings me joy.
  • I don’t know the mod of dragonaging but it’s got really cool info whenever something new happens so I thought I’d mention it
  • myresin we’ve literally never talked but your intern saga has brought me much joy
  • erenlalonde I literally just started following you but you have a lot of the same favorite characters I do! (Powerful M women with magic, man. Wait till you meet Miranda in Mass Effect.) Also I love having more bisexuals on my dash!
  • (That last comment also applies to bookerhadalittlelamb. And your message to me that modified the Warden motto continues to make me smile every time I see it.)
  • Whoever runs mirandalawsonappreciationstation just needs applause because Miranda’s the best
  • I’ve only had a few words with thebearmuse but she’s the mutual I have in my life where seeing her on my posts just makes me happy and seeing her on my dash brings me joy cuz everything she says is super insightful and cool. Her HODA comments are great and she’s always there to message me when I’m down and I just like her a lot okay
  • brennacedria I think your crowdsourced Tabris idea is really cool and that you’re really cool

That’s all I can think of in this moment. If I didn’t remember you, I probably don’t know you all that well! But I thought I’d give a handful of people some love tonight.

Later folks. <3

make me choose: thomaslasky asked: miranda or morrigan

Video Game Meme / Seven Female Characters [4/7] → Miranda Lawson

Worried about my qualifications? I can crush a mech with my biotics or shoot its head off at a hundreds yards. Take your pick.


I tried drawing my Shep and Miranda …yeah


there are so many people who appreciate miranda’s character for who she is and what she did and are genuinely mad at people for reducing her to one body part and then there are those assholes who are like “don’t hate on miranda because she has a beautiful ass i’m a dumbass who doesn’t give a fuck about anything but her behind shoot me in the face”

Posting porn in the tag?

That’s a paddling an instant addition to the ignore list.